An analysis tool for circular economy products and services

Understanding circularity is becoming more challenging.
It means to interconnect many different,
complex and even unclear systems.
Minor mistakes can lead to an totally inefficient or
even opposed effect than desired.
In order to gain a clear overview and facilitate the decision making process we developed a Circular Radar.
The tool can be applied at different stages of project development,
either for creational purpose in the beginning or evaluational at the end of a process.

year: 2019 ongoing
involved: EU, ESF, beBerlin, UdK


A case study for circular product-service systems

What if every product would be designed in conjunction with a matching circular business model?
This study reveals a full product-service system developed to create a closed loop for the shelving system FRAME.
It focuses on the fusion of the necessary design guidelines, enabling an efficient cycling of the used raw materials, with a viable business-model and supply and logistic chain.

year: 2018
involved: EU, ESF, beBerlin, UdK


A toolkit for Cradle to Cradle inspired product design

The Cradle to Cradle model by M. Baumgart and W. McDonough describes the radical changes needed to achieve closed loop cycle.
With the Cradle to Cradle How-to design Kit we present a hands on tool meant to accompany the design process and outline possible approaches for the creation of a C2C inspired product.

year: 2018
involved: C2C e.V. Berlin

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