A reminiscence of forgotten culture.

Indigo is an acoustic room structure,
that maps Taiwan's cultural treasures.
The design is a homage to cultural heritage that has become apparent in everyday objects. Typical local patterns, traditions and customs are translated into sound-absorbing panels made of 100 percent organic banana and mulberry fibers.
The indigo plant gives the panels their blue colour. Bamboo forms the simple framing that turns the structure into a featherweight.

Awarded with ein&zwazig Winner in 2019.

year: 2019
material: 100% organic
banana and various tree fibres, bamboo
size: 105x48 cm

involved: ntcri, ifa 


A modular shelving system,
designed for a dynamic world of rapid change.

This world demands new requirements on the design: Adaption, quickness and scalability. The answers are given by two clever connection systems and a frame based construction, which hides all construction features. The injection moulded material can be reused in a circular economy production model.

In frameworks of an entrepreneurial grant, this project is supported by funds of the European Union, ESF and beBerlin.

year: 2018 ongoing
material: injected plastic, various
size: 38x38 cm


An intuitive remote control for drones

The intuitive radio remote controller for drones enables the user to experience flying in a completely new way. Regardless the application of aerial video recording, drone racing or leisure flight, Flii is designed to translate all gestures in the most understandable manner.
Following a user centred design approach it is the goal to develop a more intuitive and immersive control for drones.
Mapping typical shape of a quad copter on to its own radio controller the user receives clear visual understanding of the drones position. The handling of the controller can change to liking, skills and need of the user.
The entire controller is mirroring so that left- and right hand users can experience the same comfort.

year: 2018
product: device prototype
material: injected plastic, various
size: 21x16 cm 


A redefinition of horizontal faces.

What happened when men realised that the earth wasn’t flat? What will happen if tables where not flat anymore?

Sinus examines the present object culture. An experimental rhythmic wave questions thereby the common shape of our everyday objects. We are invited to reinterpret their use, function and interaction. Ever since we put, set, turn, combine, place and sort the things that surround us. Sinus is dedicated to that pleasure. Two tables, one made of wood and the other made from metal have sinus shaped table tops. They are displayed with complementary forms that fit into each other. Here wood meets metal meets porcelain meets foam meets plastic. The change of perspectives enjoyably rouses our everyday habits and breaks with rarely challenged patterns.

year: 2018 ongoing
product: furniture, accessories
material: wood, porcelain, various
size: 61x63 cm, 58x60 cm