An intuitive remote control for drones

The intuitive radio remote controller for drones enables the user to experience flying in a completely new way.
Regardless the application of aerial video recording, drone racing or leisure flight, Flii is designed to translate all gestures in the most understandable manner.
Following a user centred design approach it is the goal to develop a more intuitive and immersive control for drones.

Mapping typical shape of a quad copter on to its own radio controller the user receives clear visual understanding of the drones position.

The Pitch, Roll and Yaw moments are controlled by simply changing the position of the controller, whereas the Throttle can be adjusted through levers on the front.
A Buttons to reset the relative position of the controller as well as tilt for the camera and others can be found on the bottom.
The handling of the controller can change to liking, skills and need of the user.
Beginners can use both hands on the rear handles, whereas more experienced pilots will feel more freedom and fun in using only one hand.
The entire controller is mirroring so that left- and right hand users can experience the same comfort.


SIZE ︎ 21x16 CM